Art Dubai – Myneandyours X HERE-O

Donuts are perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind when the word art is used… until now.


We’ve always loved the Myneandyours clouds that are dotted around the UAE on buildings, walls, trainers and even the odd Lexus. So, with Art Dubai fast approaching we dropped him a message on Instagram to see if he wanted to collaborate… turns out he loves donuts. Enough said…

Myneandyours loves jam and sweet fillings so the the donuts feature salted caramel and strawberry with creme cheese custard completing the fillings. The icing features three shades of blue and his trademark designs, all housed in a Limited Edition box also designed by the man himself (the blue foil clouds are terrific aren’t they).

So, with 10 Limited Edition Boxes everyday with the opportunity to buy a signed print too, grab them while you can. When they are gone we’re afraid they’re gone.

Our most exciting collaboration to date… enjoy!